August 2020 Event


     To welcome the new update of ACT 2, our Dekaron team has prepared new special events for everyone to join in this special month, August. What will be the new events, let’s see !



Event 1 : Akris Event !


Event period : 6 August 2020 (after server maintenance) -  13 August 2020 (before server maintenance)

Details : During the event period, in all maps, after you defeat a certain amount of monsters there will be a chance that Akris will spawn randomly.

Example of Akris

When you defeat Akris, there’s a chance to get good items such as Agate, DIL


Event 2 : Selfie Event !


Event period : 13 August 2020  -  19 August 2020 at 11.59 PM (GMT+7)


  1. Take a screenshot of your character anywhere in the game
  2. Post it on your own Facebook and set it as “Public” and put hashtag #DekaronOnline #GODLIKEGames #MMORPG
  3. Take a screenshot of your Facebook post and submit it in the Google form (
  4. Complete the form successfully and wait for the reward.


  1. All steps and conditions are met.
  2. 1 Facebook account can join this event 1 time only
  3. 1 ID can receive a reward once only.
  4. After the event ends, the reward will be sent to Cash Inventory within 14 working days
  5. Reserves the right to change conditions and rewards without prior notice.
  6. The decision of the team is final.




Fate of Growth (15Days) exchange box

Fate of Growth Wing

(Nontradable, 15 days)

(No options)




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