Happy Loy Krathong Festival !

Online Loy Krathong with GODLIKE Games

     Yearly Loy Krathong Festival from GODLIKE Games and GODLIKE Dekaron Online team. We would like to invite everyone to join this easy and fun event which is “Online Loy Krathong”. Which cooperates with 4 Godlike games (Dekaron Online, Ghost Online, Lostsaga, Luna Online). If you are ready, you can now see all the details and steps below !


or click this link : https://event.god.in.th/loykrathong/


Event duration :

Start : 30 October, 2020 (GMT+7)

End : 5 November, 2020 (GMT+7)

Rewarding date : 9 November, 2020 (GMT+7)


Conditions :

  • 1 GOD ID can participate the event 1 time per day only
  • If you want to participate in more than 1 game, you need to join the event on the next day within event duration.
  • Item Code can be used 1 time only during the event duration.
  • If a player is found to use profanity or slander or is socially offensive, this will also affect in-game character ban.
  • Rewards will only be sent to the participant who follows all the rules and regulations.
  • Item Code is valid until November 30, 2020 (GMT+7) (please use before that date)
  • The decision of the team is final



Reward 1

Fortified Growth Fate Wing 7 Day Exchange Box : 1 box

(Item in the box valid for 7 days , Nontradable)

After opening, you can select one item from the list

Reward 2

Cosmos Blessing 5h (Bind) : 1 piece

(Item is valid for 5 hour , Nontradable)

Special reward !

If total participants reach our requirement, all of you will get special buffs in both servers

Participants reach 500, EXP x2 for both servers from 12.00 - 23.59 (5 November 2020)

Participants reach 1000, EXP x2 for both servers from 12.00 - 23.59 (5 & 6 November 2020)

Steps to join event


Step 1 

Enter event link (https://event.god.in.th/loykrathong/) and login with your GOD ID.

Re-enter the link above and it will lead you to English version website.


Step 2

   Select a game you want

* Notes

     Rewards will be given according to the game you select in which you can select 1 game per day only (reset on 12.00 AM). If you have received Item Code of that game, you cannot re-select that game. Be careful when selecting games.

* If you want to join in other games, you need to enter Thai version website.


Step 3

Select the character icon you like, put your nickname or character name and write a prayer completely. Then, click “Loy Krathong”

Step 4

     Follow the steps by sharing this event on your Facebook. You can put any appropriate caption but don’t forget to share as public.

     For rewards, the team will send Item Code to everyone on November 9, 2020.

Step 5

     After you post on Facebook, it will lead to this page which means you have done completely.


How to receive ITEM CODE

     1. For Item Code, it will be sent to all participants, who meet all the conditions and steps, on 9 November 2020.

       You can login to : https://billing.god.in.th/login_en.php and select [Code Inventory]


     2. Select Dekaron Online game



     3. The system will give you ITEM CODE which you can use them immediately (*Code is valid until 30 November 2020 only. Please redeem code before that date.)


How to use ITEM CODE

     1. Login to : https://billing.god.in.th/login_en.php and select [Item Code Redeem]


     2. Select Dekaron Online game



     3. Enter ITEM CODE completely and click “Confirm”


After you use ITEM CODE completely

rewards will be sent to your Mailbox automatically.


For more information about Dekaron Online 

Community : https://f.ls/DKOFG

English Community : https://f.ls/DKOFGEN

Facebook : https://f.ls/DKOFP

Website : https://dekaron.asia/en/