Dekaron General FAQ


Q : How to register GOD ID ?

A : You can learn how to applying for GOD ID from here >>click<<




Q : Where to download ?

A : You can download game client from here >>click<<




Q : How to install a Dekron client ?

A : You can learn the steps to install Client from here  >>click<<




Q : What are the minimum requirements for Dekaron ?

A : You can check the system requirements from here >>click<<




Q : How many languages does the game have?

A : 2 languages which are Thai and English.




Q : How many game windows can be played at the same time?

A : 2 windows.




Q : What are the top-up channels for Dekaron?

A : Currently, you can top up by using True Money cards or Paypal. If there are any new methods, we will update soon.




Q : How to top-up Dekaron?

A : You can check the recharge steps here >>click<<




Q : How to change the account password ?

A : You can change the account password at “Manage GODLIKE ID” from this link Than select “Change password” and enter the new password.




Q : How to create a character ?

A : You can learn from this link >>click<<




Q : How to control your character ?

A : You can learn how to control and move your character from this link >>click<<




Q : Where can I find information about Dekaron system guides?

A : You can read all of the guides from here >>click<<




Solving EAC problems guides here




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