New Lv.155 Legend Weapon

New Lv.155 Legend weapon

     On this ACTION 4 patch, other than maps and dungeons content, there are also new legend weapons. It’s time to show their abilities now, let’s see !


What is an Umbar Weapon Box ?

     It is a legendary rank weapon (lv155). There are 2 ways to get them.

  1. Umbar weapon box randomly drops when destroying Golden Chest which randomly spawn after killing field monsters in Deadlands, Land of illusion and Dravis field.
  2. By killing the boss in Umbar’s Counterattack (Lv.150), there’s a chance to drop Umbar Weapon Box as well.


Golden Chest

     1. You need to kill field monsters in these maps (Deadlands , Land of Illusion , Dravis Field) to find Golden Chest.

     2. After destroying the Golden Chest, there’s a chance to drop the Umbar Weapon Box.

     3. You must have Umbar Weapon Box Key to open Umbar Weapon Box (1 key/1 box opening)

Umbar Weapon Box Key can be purchased from NPC Trader in game (10,000,000 DIL/1 key)


     4. And after you open the Umbar Weapon Box, there’s a chance to get a legendary weapon. !

Randomly get one from the lists

Weapon options and appearances


Azure Knight

Sword of Misplaced Fate

Great Sword of Misplaced Fate

X of misplaced fate

Great Aex of Mismatched Fate

Mace of Displaced Fate

Great Mace of Misplaced Fate

Shield of Misplaced Fate


Dragon Knight

Seal Force of Displaced Fate


Segita Hunter

A dagger of misplaced fate

Bow of Mismatched Fate

Crossbow of Displaced Fate


Incar Magician

Staff of Displaced Fate

Wand of Mismatched Fate


Black Wizard

Orb of Misplaced Fate



Vicious Summoner

Twin Sword of Misplaced Fate

Staff of Displaced Fate


Concerra Summoner

Dual Blade of Misplaced Fate

Staff of Displaced Fate



Blood Whip of Misplaced Fate



Sais of Displaced Fate


Bagi Warrior

Gauntlets of Misplaced Fate


Half Bagi

Pulse of misplaced fate

Qatar of Mismatched Fate



Spear of Mismatched Fate

Guard Arm of Displaced Fate



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