[Guide] Meister Skill System

     Meister Skill is another system. To help develop the character to be stronger. Dekaronian can choose a type of Meister skill. The type of Meister skill will unlock 5 levels of max level basic skill and a new skill.


How to unlock Meister Skill

  • Lv 170+


First step : Go to Mitera map, talk with NPC Meister Gniard and do the quest “Treasure of Meister”.


Second step : Kill monster in Mitera for quest item 100 ea and return to NPC Meister Gniard.

Third step : Do the quest “Meister test” at NPC Meister Gniard, a quest will send Dekaronian in to dungeon by talk with NPC Dozen Akato near NPC Meister Gniard.

Fourth step : In dungeon talk with NPC Regina to start a test, destroy all boss monster in the past inside dungeon, when finish dungeon Dekaronian can send the quest with NPC Meister Gniard.

Fifth step : Do the quest “Awakening Meister - …….”, Dekaronian will choose type of Meister skill in this quest.

  • Example : Segnale has 2 types of group skill : Healing Hands and Crimson Empress.
  • Dekaronian can choose 1 type of group skill to kill monsters until expert.
  • Be careful when collecting point skill in quest until expert 1 type, the quest will finish and cannot choose another type. *Please read carefully in quest detail, before using skill to collect expert points.

Finale step : After sent quest, your character skill will be reset, unlock Meister skill, and can upgrade skill with unlocking by Mester skill more than before 5 levels.


Example Meister Skill : Segnale - Healing Hands


Example skill table of Segnale : Healing Hands can upgrade skill more than before 5 levels.


How to learn skill of Meister Skill

After unlocking Meister skill, Dekaronion will get new skill level 1 in Meister skill but some skill has a condition to get a skill, the skill will get when leveling of character higher than condition or needs a Meister Skill Book to learn.



How to upgrade skill of Meister Skill

Dekaronian can upgrade level skill of Meister skill at NPC Meister Gniard

Skill book of Meister skill need to use to upgrade skill

(Example of Skill book of Meister : Segnale - Healing Hands)

  1. Meister Skill about movement
  2. Meister skill no. 1, 2, 3
  3. Chosen Meister skill for upgrade (need skill book)
  4. A skill book
  5. An Enhancement item




Table of success rate to upgrade Meister skill




How to get Meister skill book

  1. Boss in Dungeon  (Karon Brazier / Ruin of Baz / Rudny's Ruin / Elonohm)
  2. Collect Gniar's Stolen Scrolls at NPC Dasakato(Dozen Akato)

        *Get by Gniar's Stolen Scrolls disassembling the skill book (NPC Carmen)

     3. Deca Shop




Table of type and number of Meister skill



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