Update Deca Shop : December 24, 2020

Update Deca Shop : December 24, 2020

     Celebrate Christmas with our cutest costume “Santa Costume”. Also, there’ll be a random box which consists of many useful items and rare items. Like new colorful wings and Wing Socket Stone. Last but not least, DEKARON XMAS Lucky Box is here for everyone !

DEKARON XMAS Lucky Box (150 DKC)

DEKARON XMAS Lucky Box 10 + 1 Pack (1,500 DKC)

(Permanent , Tradable)

On sale from Dec 24, 2020 - Jan 14, 2021 (before the server maintenance)

After opening, randomly get 1 item from the list




Unique snowman pet egg

2020 New Type Santa costume

(Select 1 costume between: Stylish / Gorgeous)



New Type Cozy Santa Costume Exchange Box

New type Santa costume exchange box

New Type Rudolph Costume Exchange Box

Santa's weapon 30-day appearance change exchange box

* Can be used at NPC Ian in the Ardeca map to change weapon appearance.


Parca's Wing Random box (450 DKC)

Parca's Wing Random box 10+1 pack (4,500 DKC)

(Permanent , Tradable)

After opening, randomly get 1 item from the list



Parca's Wing Box

Miter's 5 Anger Box (75DKC)

Miter's 50 Anger Box (750DKC)

(Permanent , Tradable)

After opening, you will get all items in the list



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